Brokerage - Sales and Purchase Yachts in Abu Dhabi

We endeavor to enable you to purchase a yacht according to your requirements at the best possible rate. It’s that simple. Our specialist luxury yacht selling representatives direct you through the buying process or the auction of your yacht.

The world’s biggest yacht brokering company, Butinah Charters has delivered more yachts than anyone else. We have an unrivaled background in the maritime industry and backed by our extremely qualified squad. You’re in the right position whether you choose to purchase a yacht or cruise.

Our mission at Butinah charters is to make a fun experience with the phase of buying luxury ships and yachts. Our goal is to find the best quality vessel available for purchase at the best possible price. We know the brokerage business closely and thus ensure that your company is done efficiently and correctly in all ways. The process of purchasing of luxury yachts and vessels is our secondary nature; our department can take charge of any aspect, from an inspection and sea review to the paperwork and property arrangement.

You require a trustworthy yacht dealer & associate with sufficient business expertise to handle the sales of your most important asset when it comes to selling your yacht. Some of the most seasoned in the business is our luxurious yacht couriers. Combined with their experience and advanced database, they contribute to fast, trouble-free transactions that suit all parties perfectly. We will ensure that your company is done efficiently and correctly in all ways. You should be confident that we have the expertise to safely purchase the contract. The procedure to buy yachts and vessels can become simple with us

Call our specialist vessels and yacht brokers department today and find out why we become the yacht and boat brokerage.


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