Crew Hiring for Boats & Yachts

If it is a holiday outing, a celebration of the loved one’s birthday or a new destination, you want to make sure to relax and appreciate every moment on board. We appreciate this and the need for the efficient running of your ships, collaborating with you to consider your desires and to select the correct crew members for your yacht. We understand that it is essential that the right crew are on board, not just to keep your yacht secure but also to maintain your time on-board.

When demanded by the customer, we have unique crew management services. The crew is employed to take their expertise into consideration and then sold to the yacht owner who will then contractually recruit them.

Butinah also aims to resolve the recruiting deal. The crew’s pay depends on their competence and industry conditions. The client, however, accepts the final payout. The organization also assists crew management by creating an operating schedule, which does not be restricted to clothing, housing, travel, accommodation, telecoms, etc.

However, the crew is typically appointed by the owners according to standard procedure, based on the scale of the vessels either directly or after a provisional crew management company incorporation and selection. The crew will be chosen in BUTINAH based on the evaluation of credentials, expertise and wage criteria. We pick the crew on the basis of the exam of expertise and the overall evaluation of their abilities.


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