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Our Fishing Boat

The boat is fully equipped for a comfortable and professional deep sea fishing experience.

Our Catch

Below is our instagram @butinacharter where we post most of the catch. The most common catch is barracuda, Sherry, Hammour, grouper, sharrie, sultan ibrahim, queen fish & king fish. The less common catch is tuna bonita, cobia, trevally & plenty of others.

Private Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Daily Morning and Afternoon Trips

Maximum 6 guests per trip

2000/4 hour trip

* 350/every extra hour

* 350/2 way transfers

Prices include VAT. Transfer only possible from Dubai.
  • Private, Fully Equipped Boat
  • Maximum 6 Guests Per Trip
  • Experienced Captain
  • All necessary fishing equipment
  • Boats are commercial, legal & insured
  • Water, Soft Drinks, Icebox
  • Timing Flexible. Recommended 6 AM or 2 PM Start.
  • Food not included

Fishing Seasons

Frequently Asked Qs'

If you don't opt for the transfer package, simply head to the marina to get on the boats.
Marina Mall, Dubai

Booking Options Made Simple
Choose your preferred way to book:
Online Form: Fill in the form on our website.
Call Us: Give us a direct call.
WhatsApp: Reach out to us on WhatsApp.
Once done, our booking team will get in touch, assist with availability, and secure your reservation hassle-free.

No matter if you've never fished before or you're a fishing enthusiast, we've got you covered.
New to Fishing: Our crew takes care of everything, guiding you step by step.
Experienced Fisher: We'll focus on getting you to the prime fishing spots. Join us – it's an adventure tailored for everyone!

Rest assured, we follow all government safety guidelines, and our skilled captains are well-versed in handling different situations.
If the weather raises concerns, we won't hesitate to cancel for safety's sake.
Beyond that, the experience is quite safe, and many kids have a blast on our trips. Your child's safety and enjoyment are our priorities.

Absolutely! Feel free to bring along your preferred snacks and beverages for the trip. Your comfort is our priority.

COVID Measures

  • *Social Distancing

    Currently we are doing only private tours, so you are onboard with your friends/family only.

  • *Sanitization

    We use a combination of bright sunlight, salt water, sanitizer and common sense.

  • *Masks

    our staff will wear a mask whenever in close contact.

  • *Temperature checks

    Staff and guests alike.

Fishing Methods

  • Trolling

    Perfect for beginners to target large top water predators.

  • Bottom fishing

    Perfect for beginners and absolute beginners. Targeting bottom feeders.

  • Casting

    For advanced anglers - an exciting way to target top water predators.

  • Jigging

    Perfect for medium/advanced anglers to target the full range from bottom to top.

Dubai Fishing Trips


Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, embraced by sunlight and the Gulf, offers serene fishing.

Casting into tranquil waters is an escape, a link to history and self. As the sun sets, warmth colors serene horizons.

Amid life's rush, Dubai's fishing offers respite, inviting all to savor tradition, find joy, and discover calm in deep-sea depths.


Sun Protection: Prioritize your skin's well-being by packing sunscreen and wearing a long-sleeved shirt to shield yourself from the sun's rays.

Motion Sickness Relief: If you're prone to seasickness, remember to include sea sickness pills in your essentials to ensure a comfortable journey.

Stay Warm: During the cooler months, anticipate varying temperatures and come prepared with a jacket or cozy layers to stay warm and cozy.

Snacks and Sustenance: Sustain your energy levels by packing extra snacks and food to keep you fueled throughout your day of fishing.

Effective Bait: Choose wisely by opting for small shrimp or squid – favored bait choices that enhance your chances of success in the UAE's waters.

Your Own Gear: For a personalized experience, bring along your own fishing equipment if you have it, adding a unique touch to your outing.

Professional Equipment Available: If you lack the necessary gear, don't worry – we provide a comprehensive selection of top-quality fishing equipment.

Weather Awareness: Remember that the success and safety of deep-sea fishing hinge on staying informed about Dubai's prevailing weather conditions.

Coast Guard Approval: To ensure the security of all participants, it's imperative that all fishing trips receive approval from the Dubai Coast Guard.

Travel Essentials: Tourists, make sure to carry your passport as it's essential for the trip.

In summary, preparing for your fishing excursion with us means setting the stage for an incredible experience in Dubai's waters. Your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are our top priorities.

Barracuda Fishing in Dubai: Timing and Opportunities

For those interested in barracuda fishing in Dubai, understanding the seasonal patterns can greatly impact your success. Here's a breakdown of the prime times and variations:

October to April Extravaganza: During the months from October to April, barracuda fish thrive, gracing your fishing line with their presence. These months provide an excellent opportunity to encounter barracuda frequently. However, their numbers may slightly dwindle as May approaches.

Off-Peak Season: From June to August, your chances of catching barracuda fish are less favorable. This period constitutes an off-peak season for barracuda fishing, with slimmer odds of reeling in these prized catches.

By being aware of these seasonal dynamics, you can plan your barracuda fishing excursions with precision, optimizing your chances of a rewarding experience in Dubai's waters.

Black Bream Bonanza: Prime Catching Seasons

When it comes to black bream fishing in Dubai, being aware of the seasonal trends can greatly influence your success. Here's a breakdown of the optimal times and favorable periods for catching black bream:

Winter Delight: The months of December to February mark the sweet spot for black bream fishing. During this time, you'll find the easiest catches and a high likelihood of encountering these fish. Additionally, good fishing opportunities for black bream extend from May to August.

Spring and Fall Feasts: From March to April and September to November, your chances of a successful black bream fishing expedition remain promising. These transitional periods offer favorable conditions for reeling in these prized catches.

By aligning your fishing trips with these seasonal windows, you can optimize your black bream fishing experience in Dubai's waters.

Grouper's Glory: Abundance Unveiled

For those eager to engage in grouper fishing in Dubai, understanding the peak seasons is essential for a successful outing. Here's a breakdown of the opportune times to target grouper fish:

September to May Splendor: Grouper fish thrive abundantly in the Arabian Sea during the extended period from September to May. These months offer prime conditions for encountering grouper and enjoying fruitful fishing experiences.

Summer's Bounty: Even during the warmer months of June to August, you'll still find fair numbers of grouper fish. Despite the higher temperatures, the summer season continues to provide opportunities for rewarding grouper fishing.

By planning your grouper fishing trips around these seasons, you can optimize your chances of a productive and enjoyable fishing adventure in Dubai.


Escape the city bustle by adding a fishing trip to your vacation agenda – it's the perfect recipe for holiday fun.

You'll find our boats by the Marina Mall Yacht Club, conveniently near Marina Mall. Don't worry about getting there – we can arrange transportation for you.

Wondering about the fish you can catch? During November to March, expect barracudas, black breams, kingfish, silvery grunts, spangled emperors, spotted queen fish, and trevallies to be your companions.

And if luck's on your side, you might even reel in cobias and groupers, adding an extra sprinkle of excitement to your fishing experience.

Dive into Dubai's Fishing Bliss: A Beginner's Guide

In the recent tide of time, fishing has surged as a magnetic pastime in Dubai. Sea lovers seeking serenity flock to its shores all year round. With its enchanting appeal and nature's embrace, Dubai also plays host to a sea of fishing events and thrilling contests.

Dubai's waters extend a warm invitation to both novices and experts alike. Within these tranquil depths, a vibrant world of fish awaits – from the ever-present silvery grunt to the playful barracudas, trevallies, spangled emperors, and the regal spotted queen fish. Cast your worries away and reel in unforgettable moments in Dubai's abundant waters.

Optimal Fishing Times for a Bountiful Catch in Dubai

When it comes to fishing in Dubai, understanding the best times to cast your line can greatly enhance your chances of success. Consider these insights to maximize your fishing experience:

Golden Hours: While fish are active throughout the day, they particularly favor the tranquil vibes of sunrise and sunset. However, rest assured that they're up for grabs at any time. Their preference is evident during the winter season.

Afternoon Delight: The time window from 2 to 6 pm stands out as prime fishing time, offering a higher probability of reeling in exciting catches that'll keep you engaged and satisfied.

Season of Success: For Dubai fishing enthusiasts, the period between November and March holds the key to enjoyable fishing adventures, as fish activity and variety are at their peak during these months.

Peak Thrills: The months from January to March mark the pinnacle of fishing excitement, with fishing fever reaching its crescendo. These months promise the thrill of fruitful fishing expeditions.

By aligning your fishing trips with these strategic timings and seasons, you're setting yourself up for an unforgettable and successful angling experience in Dubai's waters.

Chasing Cobia: A Rewarding Challenge

Elusive Pursuit: Cobia poses a year-round challenge in Dubai, making it a prized catch.

Rare Gem: Compared to its counterparts, cobia's abundance remains relatively low throughout the year.

Kingfish Kingdom: Seasonal Snapshot

If you're looking to reel in kingfish in Dubai, timing your fishing expeditions can significantly impact your success. Here's a breakdown of the prime seasons for targeting kingfish:

November to March Reign: The peak time for kingfish fishing stretches from November to March. During these months, your chances of a successful kingfish catch are high, making it the reigning period for this sought-after species.

Sweet Spots: Additional windows of opportunity to catch kingfish occur in April, May, September, and October. These months offer favorable conditions and good chances for a successful kingfish fishing experience.

Fair Play: Even as the temperature rises during the warmer months of June to August, fair chances of landing a kingfish catch await. While not the peak season, the summer months still provide potential for kingfish fishing.

By aligning your kingfish fishing trips with these seasonal cues, you're setting yourself up for a rewarding and productive angling adventure in Dubai's waters.

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