Sea Cargo Transportation

Are you searching for Sea Cargo? Don’t worry. We can help you. At Butinah Charters, we manage non-standard freight transport and satisfy the unique specifications with various marine vessels.

We are working with various specially modified maritime vessels or containers equipped to hold freight of differing sizes, lengths, features, and form, including hazardous goods. Crude natural, natural goods, additives, condensing gas, industrial materials, shipping vehicles, automobiles, animals, and several other kinds of freight may be shipped through the technological features of container vessels.

Butinah Charters include numerous water transport modes including barges, containers, ferries, tug boats, platforms, and sailboats. Water transport vessels that serve several uses, but they mostly serve to transport people and products via water, oceans, reservoirs, canals, and rivers. We often concentrate on transport by the self-powered vehicle of small containers, heavy cargoes or surplus cargoes. We provide inventive options for transport utilizing fitting vessels like the self-propelled module transporter.

One of the most effective transport means from remote areas is our maritime freight transportation. Shipping containers by sea have a range of benefits, including freight safety, daily sailing, and fair shipping costs.


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