Offshore Permit Approvals

Have peace of mind as the whole license application phase from start to finish is done by our qualified professionals. You only need to assemble the papers in question. All procedures are taken care of as you’re relying on a good company. You should depend on us for approval of the permit.

Butinah Charters will issue permission for offshore ventures, as its key protection feature is the assessment and acceptance of licenses for both planned and scheduled operations. Butinah’s permit issuance protocol requires a thorough analysis of evidence collected by an applicant to satisfy the oil and gas exploration standards laid down in federal regulations.

Operators are expected to submit the documents to allow details and records thorough analysis in various ways, including text and standardized records in media, tablets or attachments, to conform with the federal regulations. Geophysical and geological charts and details often form part of certain demands. Butinah Charters offers a variety of internal knowledge to help the evaluation and acceptance processes. When selecting Butinah, you will be confident of the efficacy of the operation.


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