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It is allowed to reschedule the booking date for a maximum of one time, provided that the trip booking date is not within 7 days.

In the event of any damage or loss to the boat due to the customer or one of his guests, the customer must pay full compensation for the value of the losses.

No cancellations and no refunds if it's not caused by Butina.

The company reserves the right to refuse/cancel any trip for technical, operational, weather, or safety reasons.

Customer will have a full refund if cancellation was caused by Butina operational issue.

Customer should arrive 30 minutes prior to his trip timing to avoid wasting any minute of his booking.

Butina Boats does not undertake any responsibility as a result of any delay in the departure time of the trip due to the delay of the customer or one of his guests. On the other hand, we offer an alternative solution to deliver late guests via speedboats that accommodate up to 7 people at a nominal cost of 300 dirhams, due to the presence of upcoming reservations for other customers.

Butina do not provide lifeguard.

Butina does not take any responsibility on kids or their care.

Client shall bear full responsibilities for any damage to the boat, furniture, or any other properties of the boat. And also any body injury of him or his entourage or to others.

It is forbidden to enter the boat/yacht while you are wet; otherwise, there will be a fine/ penalty amount of 1,000 dirhams. Because salty water can cause great damages for the furniture and assets and it is difficult to fix, and Butina has provided external showers to help you and your guests to get rid of the salty sea water by external showers so that you and your guests can take another shower inside the boat if you wish.

Customer should bring his own towels to make sure he dries himself before going inside the yacht. You can rent towels from the marina for 20 AED per piece if you don't have any.

It is forbidden to use the celebration confetti inside the boat; otherwise, there will be a fine of 1000AED.

Thank you and wish you a nice cruise with us. More details call +97180088000*

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