Berthing of Yachts & Refitting

Get an exclusive berthing facility from Butinah Charters. Butinah is known for its excellent and personalized mooring. Regardless of whether this is continuous berthing or a span over the entire year, BUTINAH will do whatever it can to match your unique needs. The business is renowned for delivering quality lodging at large ports with specific criteria being taken into account. It guarantees the finest possible facility and amenities for you and conveniently accesses the berthing procedure.

You also need to ensure that you have the right mooring period and that our staff takes care of the necessary mooring arrangements. The team works to ensure you have connections to the most desirable marinas with all the requisite amenities. We are famous for the best arrangements in urban mooring.

If you want to refurbish your yacht or buy a yacht to match your desires and preferences, restoration is a great chance to add fresh life to a yacht. Butinah Charters provides an unprecedented variety of professional assistance and consulting programs focused on professionals from all sectors.


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