On Shore & Off Shore Lease

We manufacture ships and condense from several significant places, including esteemed fields and freshly developed artificial islands.

OButinah Charter offers marine services for onshore and offshore ventures, unique transportation, equipment, workforces, workers, mechanics, supplies, vehicles, automobiles, etc. Onshore and offshore leasing vessels are supplied for ventures. To include an extensive range of marine assets, we utilize our to-house specialized maritime expertise and on-site and offshore equipment.

Managing marine projects is a key service offering. We have extensive experience establishing project teams to manage marine spread projects, vessel mobilization scopes, and vessel modification projects.

Butinah Charters is a top skilled company based in Abu Dhabi-UAE which provides high-quality services to the maritime, offshore and onshore oil & gas, ports and naval infrastructure sectors, and has built an enviable background of the deployment of technology innovatively through the Butinah Charters. We have considerable experience developing project teams to execute tasks for maritime deployment, vessel preparation, and vessel alteration.

Butinah Charters is skilled in undertaking various forms of surveys, geotechnical limits, Subsea Services, Posing & ROV Services, Inspection Services, Building Aid, Rig and others, transportation of underwater infrastructure and navy construction programs.


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