The Name Butinah

Many of our clients ask us about the story behind the name of our company Butinah.Well, the answer is quite simple. The name of our company is inspired by a beautiful island located off the coast of Abu Dhabi. Physically and geographically, this island is an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of flourishing nature. The marine life around this island is well protected. Due to the special protection of the government, the ecosystem is thriving on Butinah. The greatest thing about Butinah is that each inhabitant and habitant of this island is living its life freely and securely. Not only have we adopted the name of this island for our company, but we have also adopted the features of this island by respecting the security and freedom of lives around us. While carrying on our day-to-day operations, we take great measures for the protection of our environment and marine life.

Butinah cruising boats

Butinah cruising boats is another wonderful project of Butinah. Properly licensed, Butinah cruising boats provide all sorts of guidance to help you make your vacation tour perfect. Butinah cruising boats provides special guidance regarding to

  • Travel
  • Tourism
  • Proper understanding of local culture and traditions

Butinah is proud to be funded by Khalifa Fund, and is striving day and night to create a quality experience for its customers.


Butinah cruising boats and luxury yachts

From the very moment when the feet of our clients touch the floor of our yachts, every moment of the luxury experience becomes memorable. The moments spent on our luxury yachts are extremely classy and exquisite. Our complete teams of marine hosts are available on the yacht to cater to your every need. The interior of our yachts is so cozy and comfortable that you will never forget any second of your stay in our yachts. Butinah through its constant struggle and planning ensures that its clients get 100% quality satisfaction and memories to remember for the rest of their lives.

Our services are offered in

We are proud to announce that due to the wide network of Butinah, we offer our services in each and every part of the world especially for private and business clients. Internationally, our yachts are chartered on special occasions such as personal functions, corporate functions, get-to-gathers, vacations, honeymoon travels, etc. Our luxury yachts could be chartered from our Abu Dhabi, Dubai and further other offices spread widely across Middle East.\n

Event management

Not only do Butinah provide charter services of yachts, helicopters and luxury cars but also our team arranges special events for our clients. We have provided event management services on many occasions and are still making excellent impression by managing entertaining events for our clients. Our event managing services that we manage during our yacht trips include :\n

  • Arranging birthday parties
  • Arranging corporate events and team building sessions
  • Arranging memorable engagement parties and wedding ceremonies
  • Arranging elegant cocktail parties and entertaining bachelor parties

Most of the people are also interested in sailing in Dhow. Butinah offers its special services to all those people who want to have an adventurous time in sailing a Dhow. Butinah offers :

  • Traditional sailing Dhow
  • Traditional Dhow cruising

Some of the other activities arranged by the professional team of Butinah include:

  • BBQ
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Cruising in order to enjoy the beauty of sunset and full moon
  • Arranging lunch and dinners on a cruise
  • Diving into deep sea
  • Having hunting expeditions in the marine area


The beautiful sights of Corniche, alluring Lulu Island, historical Yas Island, attractive Saadeyat Island, peaceful Futaisi Island, spiritually calm Baharani Island and temptingly relaxing Sir Baniyas Island would remain forever in your memories. \n Butinah provides special water transport to all the above mentioned islands including some other places such as :

  • Fish market
  • Shangri la hotel
  • Fairmount hotel
  • Ritz Carlton hotel

Cruises and yachts offered by Butinah

  • Sea voo play inbound engine
  • Sea master 39
  • Abu Dhabi ocean lounge
  • Abloom marine 70
  • Gulf craft/ Majesty 88
  • Swan 42
  • Catamaran party
  • Guy coach 120
  • Pearl 104
  • Majesty 88
  • Benetti tradition 30 M
  • Duretti 85
  • Azimut
  • Beneteau First 45
  • Concept cat 82

Above mentioned boats and yachts are those specials boats that are offered for cruising and other activities to our clients.

Charter our boats whenever you want

Butinah offers every sort of charter. Whether you want to charter a boat for marine travel or any ocean function, Butinah is there to make your occasion perfect. You can charter a boat from 10 to 100 meters. Our clients charter boats for all sorts of occasions such as any wedding/engagement ceremony, corporate event, or any sort of oceanic tour. The marine crew at our yachts will strive very hard to ensure that your tour or function becomes exquisitely memorable.

Butinah: A socially active organization

Since its creation, Butinah has proved to be a very social and responsible organization. Butinah has contributed in many social events including:\n

  • Volvo ocean race
  • Triathlon 2012 Abu Dhabi
  • TRANSCO annual gathering

Butinah: A responsible organization

Butinah has proved to be an organization that is strong enough to fulfill its responsibilities towards its community. Many projects that are started by Butinah for the betterment of its society include:

  • Talent hunt and support project for young Emirati sailors
  • Supporting families of local sailors and businessmen
  • Support and talent hunt programs for young artists and students
  • Part time career oriented job opportunities for young sailors

Butinah also fulfills its social responsibilities towards its environment by strictly taking the health and safety measures in order to protect the health of its clients and employees. Butinah strictly adheres to the rule undertaken for the protection of marine environment.

Butinah vision

Butinah is an organization striving to create a difference in the world. Not only we at Butinah want to make a memorable change in our clients lives, but also we are making efforts to create a positive change in UAE economy.