Top 5 Reasons to Experience Yacht Charter in Dubai

It’s time to plan holiday trip with your family and friends. We believe you should experience luxury yacht charter in Dubai. Here we list the top 5 reasons why you should charter a yacht in Dubai.

#1 Luxury and Comfort
Yacht Charters can make you experience luxurious comfort at its best. The interiors of yachts is lavish having spacious lounge, cozy bedrooms, deck, sitting and dining areas suitable to spend fantastic time with your loved ones.

#2 Professional Skipper and Crew on Board
In Dubai, chartering a yacht with professional skipper and crew on board adds an extra flavor to your holiday! This is the type of a holiday is the most relaxing; where you simply chill and let the crew do all the work. However skipper’s assure to keep you safe and help you enjoy the holiday.

#3 Amazing Views of Dubai Landmarks
Dubai is famous for its incredible selection of modern architecture. While chartering you can get views of Dubai Marina one of the stand-out developments in UAE. High-rise luxurious apartment blocks, waterside restaurants, shops and more. Next in the yacht journey comes impressive, the Burj Al Arab the most luxurious hotel in the world, the amazing Palm Jumeirah; and the big yet fabulous, Atlantis hotel.

#4 Complimentary Light Refreshments and Fishing gear
Quench your thirst and refresh by complimentary assorted soft drinks, tea and coffee offered on yachts. Free to use on-board fishing equipment perfect for deep sea fishing. Relax and watch from the sea, Dubai skyline that looks inspiring at sunset.

#5 Exclusive Additional Services
Yacht companies offers extras services that can make your cruise even more memorable. This includes wide selection of delicious food, rocking music system to enjoy the best entertainment on-board, beautiful cakes and decorations to celebrate your special occasions and parties.

Above are the few but there are more reasons for cruising in Dubai. So what are you waiting for? Just go and explore adventurous deep blue sea of Dubai on yachts in luxury and style.

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Things to Do on a Yacht Charter

Getting sun tanned on the deck of a luxury yacht feels better and amazing than lying on a pool deck. You can apply some extra virgin olive oil onto your skin during the sun-bath. It gives the skin hydration and the perfect glow.
Discover the Water World

Take Snaps
Another must is to have your camera fasten around your neck. Capture moments and take lots of photos as you journey by dramatic and noteworthy scenery. Discover the sea through your camera focal point and catch your vacation–it’s a fun moment as you explore another goal. Along these lines, you can protect the cruising knowledge and return to those unique minutes at whatever time, by flicking through a collection in an album or sharing on social sites for your loved ones to see.

Organise a Boat Party
There are such a variety of reasons why you must party on yachts. There are no constraints out on the sea and you can enjoy celebrating under the stars — throughout the night! You could host a topic get-together, for example, such as ‘Pirate Night’, ‘Pajama Party’, or ‘Hollywood Night / Oscars Night, or you could grab the mike, sing karaoke, and dance away! You could likewise get a chef on board to set up an altered menu, loaded with best and delicious food cuisine.

While you plan for your vacation, check the nearby local festive plan. Numerous cruising destinations have local celebrations that can be exceptionally intriguing and extraordinary fun, and you may even have the capacity to proceed with the party on board!

Enjoy Water Rides

Compliment your charter experience with thrilling water sports and activities. Along with the pleasant stay of yours on the luxury yachts, you can also abandon in some adventure such as jet-skiing, fishing, yacht water slide, donut ride, banana boat ride, water surfing, and many more.
Watch The Beautiful Sunset

Experience summer’s longer days and balmy evenings with the astonishing colors of the sun setting down the vast seas. Look at nature’s beauty as your yacht gently sails down the soothing waters. Don’t forget your camera! Click snap before this perfect photo-op pass away!

Drop your ideas for things to do on in the comment below!

Fishing on a Boat in Dubai

Fishing is very popular recreational pastime. Many of us consider fishing as a relaxing activity. It’s passion that can make you travel a number of countries.

If you have interest for fishing then choose Dubai as your fishing tour destination. Dubai Sea has rich fishing ground. You can find many yachts company that suits all your requirements to make reservations for the fishing trip.

You can also book a chauffeur driven car to arrive at the harbor. At harbor, a number of yachts are docked. The yacht rental company can help you in selecting sports fishing boat.

32 feet boat or 36 feet boat is perfect for sports fishing and had enough space for accommodation of ten people. Captain and crew will give all important instructions and guidelines for fishing. This is how you can witness panoramic views of Dubai Sea and casting baits into the water. It gives immense pleasure to search for a big fish. Just enjoy the trip and you will find deck full of fish of different colors and sizes.

The excitement of seeing so many fish will eliminate all your tiredness. For more fun, grill fish on-board that you caught. It is the best moment to eat the fish caught and cooked by yourselves. You will never forget the time spent on the boat and fishing trip in Dubai.