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Get ready for more fun on waters! We have our yacht water slide live now. Book before price goes up

Brownie’s Yacht Toys presents Freestyle Cruiser yacht Water Heater Attracted to you by the Dive Shops of Brownie. Just added- Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall. See the dock for Seabobs and Jet Ski’s, Water Trampoline and the Critter Free Pool below. Contact Us and we may answer your price and model questions. Newest Yacht Water Slides! – Legless Water Slides – the Yacht Toys of Brownie has available the latest in yacht Water Slides. These slides are constructed to 12 meters high with no support leg. The slides that are new are 20% less fat for easier handling and less space for storage.

Contact Us pier today, and to purchase your custom inflatable water toys! – Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall – A new toy from the YachtToys of Brownie is your Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall. This inflatable application that is upscale is custom fit with your yacht logo and comes in designs. Get in on the action together with the Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall. Contact Us for more Rock Climbing Wall info! – Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall – New Yacht Water Slide Models! – Brownie’s Yacht Toys is proud to bring you two Water Slides. The IS is created for yachts 40 to 80 legs in length and the XS is.

IS Yacht Water Slide – The IS Yacht Water Slide requires one measurement to begin the order process. This water slide is made to this same tough and long lasting characteristics as this larger slides for many good times. Contact Us for more info! – XS Yacht Water Slide – The XS Yacht Water Slide can be connected to this swim platform or be free floating. Non slip Air Stairs make for safe and easy access to this top of this slide. Contact Us for more information and also To order yours today! – Yacht Water Slide and Toys – These fantastic yacht water slides come in two models, Cruiser LS and Cruiser NLS.

The Cruiser LS has a leg support and this Cruiser NLS doesn’t have a leg support. The LS version can be recommended for slides that exceed heights greater than 5 meters. These yacht water slides have a 45 degree drop permitting the cursor to reach Exhilarating speeds for great fun! For both private and charter yachts, these water slides provide first class entertainment. And you may have the yacht’s emblem name custom placed on the slide. The water slides are constructed of only the best materials available and have a 3 year warrenty. The slides have attachment points to fix this slide to your yacht and for moving by crane. These water slides come with an inflating pump and have numerous fill and exhaust valves.

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