Community Support & Responsibility

Butinah is proud to be an organization that is actively participating in supporting the community and fulfilling various social and community responsibilities. Butinah, through its various projects, is striving to create a difference in the society.

Our social projects :

1. Emirati youth talent program :
Our youth is our future, thats why we make a great effort on our youth by conducting different talent hunt programs for them. The programs that we conduct in order to boost the talent of our young Emirati pride include:

-Young sailors talent hunt program
-Young star seminars
-Part time marine jobs for youth

Young sailors talent hunt program :
Different sorts of sailing and boating races are conducted by the Butinah to boost the talent of our young sailors. Plus official championships organized by us help these sailors participate and prove themselves.

Young star seminars :
We completely understand that todays young artists can become the legends of tomorrow. So we provide complete guidance to our young artists to prove themselves by conducting different sorts of creativity seminars and workshops. Different sorts of exhibitions are also organized where these young creative minds display their art work.

Part time marine jobs for youth :
Not only do we promote the talent of young sailors and artists but we also employ young talent to apply their working skills in the different fields of marine jobs available at Butinah.The different fields open for applying your working skills and gain experience include:

  • Marine life
  • Marine researches
  • Marine culture and culture possessions

All the jobs available in above mentioned fields are offered at part-time basis to our youth.

2. Our contributions towards our clients and local businessesButinah is proud to announce that it provides special support and contributions to the sailing clients and other local businesses in various ways:We provide all sorts of boats and Dhows to all of our clients interested in sailing or fishing.The boats we provide to our clients are completely equipped with all sorts of fishing equipment.We also show full contributions to other businesses by providing them with every sort of fishing and sailing boat or other sort of marine supplies.We have proudly presented our services to many famous clients in the past including some of the worlds leading organizations.

The responsibilities we are fulfilling include :

  • Community responsibilities
  • Social responsibilities

Community responsibilities :
Fulfilling our responsibilities towards our community is the most important duty. Butinah proudly fulfills its community responsibilities by ensuring comfort and complete safety of its employees, clients and other people connected to Butinah.

Social responsibilities :
Butinah has always played an important role in the protection of society as Butinah considers protecting the society its main responsibility. We ensure the protection of society by :Maintaining the cleanliness of marine environment and oceans Not providing any sort of harm to inhabited life
Working against all sorts of pollutions that could prove harmful for marine life.

Our assurance :
While providing our services, we completely ensure that :
The services we provide to our clients are healthy and safe in every way
We at Butinah are proud to be responsible and caring because we claim to be different!
None of our services creates any sort of pollution for marine life or provide harm to any aspect of marine life.
We do not violate any sort of legal rule relating to marine life during the provision of our service