An evening on Luxury Cruise

Yacht-Charter-Abu Dhabi

Who in this world does not want a luxury life to live? UAE is renowned for the luxurious and most classy life one can expect of. From hotels to the world most beautiful attractions UAE never fails to disappoint their visitors. A biggest part of UAE fame and name is the marine life which is an unparalleled precedent to live. UAE is rich which many sea cruising companies amongst which Butinah Charters is of the best. Butinah Charters is the world’s largest Boat Rental, Yacht Charter & Brokerage marketplace based in Abu Dhabi. Located right in the midst of Abu Dhabi, Butinah cruising is providing high quality boats on rent in order to make the marine travel duration of its clients memorable. Not only is Butinah Charters offering luxury boats but also most elegant and luxurious charter yachts, cruise are offered by Butinah Charters in order to cater to the luxury needs of those clients who want to have marine tour in style. All of these yachts are properly equipped with most high-tech machinery that enables them to travel with electronic speed and complete safety. The interior of these yachts is equally alluring and relaxing. Our team members have tried to ensure the comfort, safety, satisfaction and entertainment of our clients through these yachts. The yachts offered by Butinah include:
• Private marine yachts.
• Purpose-built catamaran yacht.
• Super yachts.
Our luxury yachts could be chartered from our Abu Dhabi, Dubai and further other offices spread widely across Middle East.